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Telegram has been chosen as the WSR social media platform headquarters -- and for very good reasons. Because of its free speech policy; its awesome hi-tech features (flexibility for both users and admins); and its worldwide user base and worldwide popularity.


The general idea behind the WSR presence on the Telegram platform is to provide a curated Channel broadcasting area, which itself is linked to a more free-wheeling, non-curated Group discussion area.

The 2021 WSR Full Season Channel (the "show") and the integrated Main Group (the "discussion") are happening on Telegram.

Note that the participation standards are higher than the other social media platforms where WSR has a presence and does outreach. (Platforms like Minds & Gab will have greater freedom of speech.)






Again: The Worldwide Sleigh Ride headquarters community on Telegram will be held to a higher standard.

Keep in mind the Basic Rules for the project as a whole so as to avoid deleted posts, blocks and bans.

This should be easy because Telegram has plenty of privacy features where participants can essentially do and say whatever the heck they want IN PRIVATE. But you must keep that stuff private or you will get blocked by the WSR.


Telegram is sophisticated tech. It's very flexible for both admins and members/users. That also means that there is a bit of a learning curve. Scroll down for a basic orientation.


WSR 2021 Full Season is the Worldwide Sleigh Ride Telegram Channel      WSR Main Group is the Worldwide Sleigh Ride Telegram Discussion Forum




CHANNEL: "2021 WSR Full Season"

Viewing Only, No Member Comments

This is the "show" feed, the broadcast outlet. Passive audience without comments. Better for kids because the content is edited, screened, curated etc.

Live streams, curated articles and selected submissions from members will appear here (videos, photos, audios, text).

Everything that goes up on the Channel gets automatically posted to the discussion Group also.

Keep in mind that during the 2021 season trial run there won't be much live streaming due to a current lack of hosts (Master/s of Ceremonies). See info here on How to Become a Host.

GROUP: "Main"

Members Can Post Media Content & Comments

This is the "discussion" feed, the typical social format. Active community with comments. Members can post Media Content: video, photos, audio, text.

The two sections are linked but only in one direction: All of the Full Season Channel content is automatically posted in the Main Group (where comments and user posting happens). Content does not automatically flow in the other direction.

The Main Group is not curated or edited except for some moderation of comments and control of malicious actors.

Outstanding or noteworthy original content that is posted in the Main Group discussion will be added to the Channel (the "show") in curated form.

That is one method, but not the only method to get original Media Content onto the Channel.

Creators can also send "shy creator" Media Content submissions via private Telegram chat.

Some Media Content creators (especially amateur, candid content creators) are shy and they would prefer a private content submission alternative -- instead of tossing their personal, heartfelt material directly into the Main Group (the "discussion") i.e. open to public criticism.





1. Sign up for a Telegram account (it's free, meaning zero cost)

NOTE: A Telegram user account only activates with a legit phone number which is different from most other platforms. And if you want to keep your phone number hidden and secured you must check that box in the settings (btw you don't need to use a phone number that is actually in your own real name -- it simply needs to be a legit, working number).

To add an extra layer of security: use a virtual line which can be done for just a few dollars per year. I don't recommend a purely disposable number because later on you might need that same working number to avoid getting permanently locked out of your account.

ATTENTION: You don't have to use your real name for the account. But when choosing a name be mindful of how the name performs in the Telegram search function. Do you want your real name to be searched and found? Or is that your idea of a nightmare? You must decide which way to proceed.

2. Next go to the "2021 WSR Full Season" feed to view the broadcast channel only.

There are multiple ways to get there. You can use the Telegram search box. Or use the direct URL addresses linked on this page.

3. Next go to the "Main" group discussion to post comments or Media Content

IMPORTANT: Post Media Content only after you have become familiar with Media Content Rules & Guidelines.





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