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Hello Pips! Hello Peoples!

Shag Evans here with a note of gratitude -- thank you sincerely for joining this debut season trial run of the Worldwide Sleigh Ride -- and early Seasons Greetings! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with appreciations for all the important things in life -- and I hope it is filled with positivity too.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I have been steadily songwriting and creating new Christmas song videos & sheet music, plus building out this site and developing the social media platform strategy. In other words: getting ready for the 2021 launch.

One issue I keep thinking about is CAMERA SHY (video averse) members of the WSR who would perhaps like to post some Media Content but don't feel comfortable actually making videos.

My take on the modern internet is that a small number of compulsive video creators are flooding social media with their "cinematic" output. It may seem like EVERYBODY'S making videos nowadays but it's really only a small number of -- uh, let's be polite -- just call them addicts.

So, I want to offer some encouragement for energetic and constructive creative participation by regular folks in this worthwhile project. Here are some ideas that potential "shy video creators" might think about:

1. It's not necessary to actually film your own face or body when creating compelling video Media Content.

There are many great setups a videographer can employ (that will hold the audience's attention) without requiring the videographer themselves to be "center stage", or otherwise in the spotlight.

Camera-shy creators have been doing voiceover narrations forever, while never appearing on the film. If you're also microphone-shy, then try a few silent clips. The silent stuff can be particularly effective when done right.

As to brainstorming general video subjects that don't involve the camera being pointed at you... my take is that certain common or mundane holiday season events can be compelling:

Buying (negotiating), loading or actually cutting down a Christmas tree; Hired Santa (mall Santa) interactions good and bad; Interesting holiday shopping scenarios; Outdoor scenes e.g. First snowfall; heavy snowfall; icicles; drifts; or the tough business of digging out.

Stuff that might seem prosaic or mundane to you can actually be very compelling to the audience (many, many people don't live in northern snowy climates, many have never purchased a real Christmas tree, let alone chopped one down in the woods!).

More subjects: Narrate your own holiday cooking; Narrate a tour of a house of worship; Do the sentimental journey thing aka relate personal stories and anecdotes of Christmases long past. Remember, a good narration can be very short and still be effective. People appreciate quick blurbs, small "slice of life" pieces.

Here are two extremes that always attract eyeballs: chaotic crowds (traffic, airports, Christmas parties, shopping malls etc) and serene holiday landscapes (quiet winter forests, quaint villages, holiday decorated shops and storefronts etc).

2. Create high quality still photo, text, or audio-only (mp3 file) Media Content -- because it never goes out of style.

The possibilities in this area are literally endless. The still photo content runs from cuisine close-ups to sophisticated landscapes, to candid shots of Christmas decorations, lights and revelers, to cheesy holiday memes (created especially for WSR, of course). Have some vintage Christmas tree decorations that simply can't easily be found anywhere today? Take some close-ups. The public wants to see that kind of stuff.

I, personally, am a huge fan of the audio-only files. Besides cool candid musical outtakes, there is the reading aloud of the classic Nativity bible verses, classic Christmas poems and wintertime or Christmas stories -- all of which can make for popular Media Content posts.

But this is a musical sleigh ride. So maybe you have a certain musical talent, sing a memorable Ave Maria, or play a clever Jingle Bells on the marimba or banjo. Maybe you know a local holiday folk song that most people have never heard before.

Don't hesitate to keep it short & sweet and unrehearsed, don't feel pressure to post a "command performance"... and, most of all: DON'T FEEL PRESSURED INTO THE VIDEO FORMAT -- if that format is not your style.


OK, folks! I hope you find some inspiration in the above message. I believe that it really all comes down to this: The world will be interested in you, if you are interested in the world.

Warm Wishes!

Shag Evans





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