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UPDATE #2: One day left in November and the inaugural, bare bones, trial run of should start tomorrow, December 1st. Expectations for the 2021 Season should be kept pretty low. But there could be some over-achievement on the horizon. Right now my main focus is just to get stuff working, get code working, get media files working, and to get about a half dozen songs up on the site.

UPDATE #1: One week left in September and I am finishing up a batch of original holiday Christmas songs to add to the mix and I am excited. Hopefully this project website will attract some bonafide musical talent (amateur or not) and this snowball will be rolling by December.





OK, so how can a person help to get this Christmas music entertainment extravaganza snowball thing rolling?

1. A crowd-sourcing iniative is in the works. A link will go up soon.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the Volunteer page which maps out a lot of the overall plan/picture for what it is going to take over the next 2-3 years.

This means me outsourcing certain duties to the talent pool that is out there in the world. First and foremost is the question of a host or hosts. The host/s should be a musician with the same general mission philosophy as mine. Also, it would help greatly if the host was a capable singer. But let's not set too many hurdles. Perhaps zero hurdles is the right number. Perhaps the best host for this sleigh ride will be someone who is not a musician at all. We will just have to push forward and find out. Maybe the best way to go IS a pair of hosts. Let's see what happens. Reach out to:

[s * h * a * g * e * v * a * n * s] [at sign] [t * h * i * s * d * o * m * a * i * n]

NOTE: the syntax in the above paragraph is to defend against spammer spiders and bots.

Better yet: Showcase your talents by posting Media Content to the WSR headquarters Telegram Main group.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN RANDOM DEMOS BY EMAIL. Send outside links only pointing to where talent can be seen and heard whether in person or over the internet (live stage or studio recordings).

2. A crowd-funding iniative is in the works. I will put up the link when it's appropriate. Getting a spectacular host is Job #1... and then Job #2 will be much easier.

3. For non-musician folks out there: If you simply like this project idea and want to see it succeed there is much you can do to help the cause:

A. Spread the word. Nothing is as powerful as word of mouth promotion.

B. Post Non-Musician Media Content or simple, everyday thread comments. Go to the Media Content page and then go the Telegram feeds or other social media platforms where the WSR is doing outreach.

C. Contribute relevant skills. Reach out with the usual electronic communications.

D. Make a donation. Multiple options for giving are coming soon.

4. For Musicians out there: If you simply like this project idea and want to see it succeed:

A. Create and Post Musician Media Content. Go to the Media Content page for all the details and then go to Telegram Main group feed to actually help get this snowball rolling.

OK, let's do this, Peoples! It's gonna be so great!

Shag Evans
September 2021

  Christmas Greetings From Around The World




A: You's and me's. That's all it takes. Oh yeah, plus any other Music Lovers in the universe who are so inclined to join us in this hugely worthwhile musical undertaking.

NOTE: I am a musician and content creator with many ideas. I'm a songwriter with a large catalog of material. But I am not a singer. I am not a one man band. And I don't want this sleigh ride to resemble anything close to a solo project. So this will be a collaborative venture, obviously.


A: A Holiday Christmas Music Special Presentation. Improved, expanded, renewed and updated with every new season.


A: As far as the virtual world: This website exclusively -- but augmented by a few social media platforms. And as far as the real world: On location in various countries (as a longer term goal).


A: Each and every year during the Christmas holiday season -- and during the runup to the holiday season -- STARTING NOW. And the exact definition or parameters for what should constitute "the Christmas holiday season" is still TBD. The momentum is in the direction of late November thru Twelfth Night.

And I mean "Right here, right now!" Already the Worldwide Sleigh Ride is a full 10 minutes of embryonic musical entertainment dynamite! (That is the total length -- added together -- of the three song videos posted here already.)

So, we are off and running with a jam-packed 10:00 minute rehearsal. That is no exaggeration. Have a close listen (and look) at all of the work that went into those 10 minutes. I think you will find that there is a lot of quality content here to be considered.

That's right, the trip has already begun. Please check the song lyrics in the videos for an entertaining introduction to the many different forms of Christmas greetings in use throughout the world. What a linguistic eye-opener it all is! Check the Greeting page for info on where each salutation comes from.


A: Peace on earth and goodwill towards men!

We are on a continuing mission: "Let us share the good news!"

There is so much work to do. Check back as this is a developing project in the very early stages.





IMPORTANT NOTE: OK, someone is already saying this thing sounds "kinda churchy". Yeah, I understand. There is a certain segment of fairly militant, secular Christmas lovers out there. They want their holiday to be 100% secular! And if that's how they want it -- I say fine.

But I can tell you that this particular sleigh ride will be sprinkled with Christianity. That is what feels right to me. Because actual, bonafide Christianity just comes naturally with the Worldwide Sleigh Ride territory.

During the course of each season we will learn about different Christmas celebrations that take place throughout the world, and learn a bit about the culture (with a focus on music) that goes along with each respective celebration. Many of these cultures are much less secular than the Christmas culture in the USA. So IMO it would be wrong-headed from the get-go to try to make this project fully secular. That would be a square peg meets round hole situation.

To be clear: I am not offended when religous elements are excluded from Christmas festivities -- and, conversely, I also am not offended when religous elements are included as part of Christmas festivities. But -- if you are offended either way -- then this project is probably not going to be a good fit for you.





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